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** Currently Accepting Review Requests **

G'day! My name is Nath. I love books and bookish people (authors included), and I'll be happy to meet new books and review them. I would read most of the books ever written if I could, but unfortunately time isn't on my side. Thus for the sake of clarity and simplicity, I've outlined these following policies:

  • I read mainly fantasy, specifically Young Adult fantasy. Sometimes I read Middle Grade and New Adult fantasy, and (sometimes) Adult fantasy. I love good dystopia, sci-fi, and high fantasy. I will read almost anything within this genre. Male authors, female authors, ethnic majority and ethnic minority authors -- all authors. All kind of diverse, interesting characters -- boys and girls, all kind of races, all sexual orientations and identities. I'll be happy to read all :)

  • Under special circumstances, I might branch out of my main genre, and consider:
    • Young Adult non-romance contemporary
    • Historical fiction (as long as it complies with my other policies)
    • Poetry
    • Biographies, memoirs, historical account

  • However, I will not consider these genres:
    • Parody of existing books
    • Erotica
    • Religious Fiction for all religions
    • Strict/pure romance (adult, YA, NA)
    • Adult Contemporary
    • Adult Crime/Detective
    • Non-fiction (Biographies, memoirs, and historical accounts excluded)
    • Books for children under Middle Grade age group, and picture books

  • I am all for diversity and equal rights. Hence, it is against my personal beliefs to read books which encourages/glorifies sexism (against all genders), racism (against all races), chauvinism, religious superiority, and anti-LGBT sentiments. If I happen to receive a book which promotes one or more of those ideas, I will return it with a general note which restates this point, and will provide a more specific reason upon request. This is not about judging the author, the publisher, and all the related entities. It is about standing up for something I believe, and drawing a personal boundary.
  • Upon receiving a book for review, I will contact the sender to set a date for the review post. I will require at least one week (seven calendar days) to read and compose a thorough review of the book. If for some reason I dislike the book and can't compose a positive review, I will send a constructive feedback privately to the contact person. I will not publicly post reviews for books I do not finish or give less than three stars (6 out of 10) for.
  • Currently, I do not do blog tours. There is a possibility that it would change in the future, though. When it happens, I will update this page to reflect it :).
  • If you'd like to ask me questions or just chat about a prospect, please email me at I love good discussions, and generally am nice, unless when  I'm facing sociopaths, ill-informed trolls, and book-and-genre slanderers :).

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