I'm Nath, a young Aussie missus in her mid-20s who engineers software for a living and reads/writes/writes about/thinks about/discusses/analyses Young Adult literature in the early morning, evening, and on weekends. My favourite types of stories are dystopian, sci-fi, and fantasy; and I am generally a goner for strong characters who don't stand still with their arms on their sides as someone fights to death before them (reference to a certain 2013 action movie, ahem). I am a sucker for thrillers and adventures, though a lot of sibling love and a healthy dash of romance are more than fine with me. 

This blog is a place where I'll post my book/fanfiction/authors reviews and recommendations, my thoughts about trends and common themes in Young Adult literature, and the occasional pieces of creative writing which don't fit in my original stories and fanfiction. It will be strictly about books, reading, and writing, and it's not intended to be a day-to-day activity blog, a food blog, a travel blog, or a fashion blog. Any help reminding me of the true purpose of this blog, whenever I stray into those 'not intended' categories, would be highly appreciated.

My main review genre is Young Adult fantasy -- high fantasy, science fiction, and dystopia alike. I might read and consider books of other genres under certain circumstances, however (see my review policy for more details).

In case you are up for getting in touch on social media or for reading my fanfiction and stories, I also exist in these places:

Twitter: @codesandwrites

Tumblr: codesandwrites

Wish you an amazing day there!

- Nath -

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