Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Things of The Week

  • Book: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
    Highly recommended for anyone who has ever fangirled. 'Fangirl' will lead you to the edges of your comfort zone regarding your own fangirling and fanfiction habits - your non-canonical shipping habit included! The character arcs (especially for the main character, Cather 'Cath/Magicath' Avery, an avid fangirl and famous fanfiction writer) are very well-developed, and whilst I feel that the conflicts and plot points are somewhat cliched for a family, friendship, and self-discovery oriented story, it's an enjoyable read overall. I must say I'm not a big fan of the fictitious 'Simon Snow' series, which is largely present in the books through fanfiction and chapter quotes (some of which are downright, to be frank, cringeworthy - and I believe it's intentionally so). I couldn't wait for those parts where we're in the Simon Snow story to be over when I read, which is why this book is a 4 star and not a 5 star for me - but overall I like this book and you must read it.
  • Thought: Characters or Archetypes?
    To be dissected in the coming weeks. I've come to notice, lately, that I've always been subconsciously looking for some of my favourite characters in the new books that I pick up, which results in me comparing characters from their histories (Hmm, okay, so they are super-smart? They have an older brother who gets assassinated in the story? Their parents died in a car-wreck?) to their traits and skills (Hmm, okay, so they are both street kids/thieves? They raised themselves on the streets? They are good at climbing stuff and nicking stuff? They speak with an easy tone?). I think I'm going to obsess over character cliches and 'cross-story-transpose' (my own term) for the next few days. Hopefully a post will emerge out of it.
  • Character/Ship: June and Day from 'Legend'
    Nuff said, these guys are still in my mind after months and months!
  • Pieces written: A short fanfic and a secret projectI wrote two big pieces this week, the first one being a fanfiction I privately gifted to a fellow fan of Legend trilogy, and the second one being the start of a secret project. Won't brag more about this, but I'm getting my writing going.
  • Next week target:
    Finish reading at least one more book (current candidates are Marcus Sedgwick's 'My Swordhand is Singing' and Skye Melki-Wegner's 'Chasing The Valley'), write more of my secret project, stop ignoring my blog and start posting more, and... have fun and breathe.

Have a stellar week everyone!